Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Fascinating Ideas For Your Garden

When we arrange our garden, it is all about beauty and convenience, that’s why it is so important to find some great ideas that will provide you with both of these things. In this post we offer you to have a look at ideas of how to organize an area for resting in your garden.
Closer To Nature
Wooden gazebo creates an impression of complete unity with Nature. As if it had grown itself, rather than created by man. But, you still feel that you are in a "room" outdoors. Wooden furniture for cottage, made of twisted branches, complements this “painting” inspired by nature. Also a good trick is using a twisted vine to hide pillars design.
Zoning The Space
To visually separate a few zones of the suburban site, such as a resting area and an area where you usually cook, it is possible to construct a small stone wall. Also, for this purpose you may use the hedge of climbing flowers that in addition to privacy will also add beauty to your garden.

A great idea for gazebo with BBQ – a long modern corner sofa with a fireplace in the center. In order to make the plot even more interesting, try to use a pebble and place the large plates to make a track. It looks like a living room outdoors, where the family can gather on a hot day.


Reliable Bricks

This is an old brick building converted into the new garden house. Such accents like patterned rug, bright pillows and paper lanterns have breathed a new life into it. We have a simple and convenient place for rest, and the presence of a roof guarantees the dryness of its inhabitants even in the drizzle, who will be able to enjoy the fresh air and the view even while bad weather.

Pergola Arch

Set in a garden a wooden arch with pergola. You can also lay a tile. There is even a fireplace that will warm you on a cool summer evening. The canopy gives the feeling of space without blocking the Sun's rays.


Crazy Room

In order to get a room in a an open space, it is enough to install a standalone shed. Canopy provides shade and a minimal structure for bearings. A mat on the floor and furniture complete the image. Attach curtains to get more shade and privacy, and here you have a real room. Set the beautiful flowerbeds at the entrance for a majestic view.


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