Friday, 24 April 2015

Top Five Signs That You Have Been Friend Zoned

Most guys, if not every guy hates to be in the friend zone, especially when it is with a girl they are attracted to.

There is no need to define what the “friend zone” means, every one in five guys must have been “friend zoned” at one point or the other in their lives but for those who have no clue what it is, friend zone is that place where a girl puts a guy she considers more than a friend, but less than a boyfriend. She is polite to him, cares about him but won’t date him for whatever reason.

Here are five top signs to know if that girl you love has friendzoned you

1. She hardly returns your phone calls or worse, never returns your phone calls
When a girl is attracted to a guy, phone calls are part of the numerous ways she shows it. Forget the emergence of blackberries and other social networking medium, she fancies you, she calls to hear your voice. When you call her every other time and she never returns any? You have been friendzoned!

2. She cancels your plans at the last minute
if she constantly puts an end to your plans together without any genuine reason, it means she doesn’t really respect you or whatever you guys share and won’t want for there to be more.

3. She teases you
She hugs you warmly all of the time, sends “accidental” kisses, maybe even shares her bed with you, just so you don’t walk away and so you are always there to rescue her whenever she needs to be rescued.

4. She tells you how much of a fantastic boyfriend you’d be to another girl
She tells you how good you would be for any girl but her. It shows she can’t see you and her in any form of commitment either in the present or future.

5. She shares her experiences with other guys while you’re together
When a girl constantly discusses her attraction with other guys and asks for advice from you in getting them, knowing fully well you are interested in her, you have been seriously friend zoned.

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