Friday, 24 April 2015

Six Types Of Guys Women Should Avoid Dating

Every woman has her type of man which varies most of the time, but there are some type of men women run away from.

1. The Little boy
Some men live in the glory of the days there were without any form of responsibilities, when they didn’t have to own up to anything financially/emotionally.  These type of men can’t be straightforward, stay at a job or even “have a life”. No woman wants to be in a relationship with this type of man.

2. The financially Irresponsible Man
These type of men live above their means, spend lavishly on what they don’t need, do not have any structured plan on how to spend their money or invest. No woman wants to be with this type of man. Women need men who can be responsible financially, have a scale of preference and spend his money wisely.

3. Mr Self Container
This type is self obsessed, would go to the ends of the world to look good and spend money on vain things. As much as women love their men to look good and be the envy of all, none wants a man who would place them second, next to indulging in vain things.

4. The Wandering eye guy
No woman whatsoever wants to be with a man who can’t keep his eyes in a direction. Some men compliment and flirt with every woman possible save the one they are with. This makes women uncomfortable and unattrctive. Most women run in the opposite direction when they see this type.

5. The Liar
A man who lies about everything from his job, to his exes, to his flings, to his family is not in any way attractive to women. Women hate men that lie. Whether the lie is black or white or any other colour available on the rainbow, a woman cannot stand any man that lies to her. These type of men are “undatable” to women.

6. Mr Block head
Some men can’t hold a simple conversation for five minutes. It is cute at the beginning of the relationship when the man allows the woman talk more but after a while, she gets bored. No woman wants to be with a man who can’t hold a conversation or worse still who cannot make any intelligent conversation.

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