Monday, 2 March 2015

PLEASE ADVICE: He Wants Us To Do It Before We Get Married

Dear NaijaRunsGirl

Thanks for the good job you have been doing. keep it up.Please hide my identity and notify me when posted. Am a girl of 20yrs,i have been dating this guy for months now and he has been wonderful which made me to believe he is truly in love with me. But to my greatest surprise, i went to his house yesterday, after staying for sometimes,i inform him that i was leaving, he accepted,but before i could get up from the chair, he was already on me. He tried to lure me to bed but i didn’t allow him. After so much struggle, he left me and he started begging for forgiveness and i waved it off. Surprisingly, he called me the next day and said that S*x is Love and that he cant date me without Doing it with me. Though, i love him so much because he is caring and loving. He Wants Us To Do It Before We Get Married

Please, NaijaRunsGirl readers, Kindly help me because i have not experience this before and i have not loved anybody the way i love him and i don’t want to lose my Pride I’m am confused please i need your advice. What should i do?

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  1. Give him some advice. Sex b4 marriage is a sin. Try not 2 do it. Don't give up on him.


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