Monday, 2 March 2015

My Girl Friend Went For NYSC & Suddenly Changed

Dear NaijaRunsGirl

Please, i have a very serious problem and i need your reader’s advise.My Girl Friend Went For NYSC & Suddenly Changed totally. she’s now a stranger from who i use to know. it started from wen she got to camp. when ever i call her, she wont pick up and wont call back, flash or send call me sms as the case may be. when she finally picks, she will say she was busy. she told me about a corper that works in ICT in her camp and that the guy wants to help her get posted to a good Place of Primary assignment.

She said they normally do the fixing with money but the guys said he will do that for her with his own money. I noticed that whenever i call, she’s not happy. we quarrel about everything from where she is to what is happeing there.Today, she finally got posted to a nice place of PPA and I was happy for her. When i called her, her call was on call waiting with over 10 missed calls for almost 30 minutes but she didn’t pick. this was a girl that when ever I call even if her call is on call waiting, she will ask the caller to call her back that she wants to answer my call but she didn’t. when she finally picked, she told me she was talkn with the guy.i asked wen it started that the guys call is now more important than mine.she got angry and said i should stop calling her again. I am so mad and sad right now don’t know wat to do. Kindly help me out because Im confused now 

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