Monday, 2 March 2015

How My Wife’s Concubine Beats Me Like A Baby At Shopping Mall

Dear NaijaRunsGirl

Kindly help me post this and hide my identity. I will like to share how my wife’s concubine beats me like a baby at shopping mall while people watch us like movie.
I have been married to this woman for over 5 years, but I got bitten up at the mall yesterday, by some guy who claimed to be her boyfriend. He saw us at the mall, then he came and confronted her.

As her husband, I tried to intervene, but it ended in me getting my self beaten to stupor, he came with his gang. How humiliating. :(

She told me she has been cheating on me with this guy for over 6 months. She said she just got tempted and wanted to know

how it felt like being with another man whilst married, then once she started, she couldn’t stop.

The last time i was beaten was when i was in High school. Those guys designed my face with their horrific hands, i couldn’t help but cry. When i got home, most of my neighbors and families inquired to know what happened, but wouldn’t even know what to tell them.

Now, i have sent her packing from my house, i dont want to see her again, But my pastor keep pleading with me to forgive and take her back.

Should i take her back? I respect my pastor so much but this issue is more like swallowing a bitter pill.

Please, kindly advise me. What should i do?

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