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Why Guys Should Start Marrying V1rgin Girls ONLY!!

I just stumbled upon this write-up, and it made a lot of sense, such that I couldn’t stop myself from publishing, at least one or two people can learn something from it, and to also encourage the virgin girls out there to hang on, and to discourage immorality and waywardness amongst young girls of today….

Please make sure you read the entire article, its really inspiring and an eye-opener….see it after the page cut…

I have been thinking and asking of late, Is it ever possible to meet a woman as a v1rgin before the oath of the alter? Our society is degenerating fast, the rate at which lustful desire has weaken the credibility of what most people call marriages is so alarming.
Growing up, some of the stories that caught my interest were one told of a woman who married as a Virg1n, I was so fascinated that I admired the woman and her decision to remain chaste before her wedding. Such women are treated with so much respect by the husband that eventually married her.

She can raise her head and even boast before her husband and tell younger people to follow her footsteps, only a foolish man dares to disrespect such women; that for me is the greatest honor a woman can have in marriage apart from knowing also how to take charge of her marriage and make it work with wisdom.

For a woman to be married as a v1rgin is better than buying a new car, never driven, with any faults.
Those days, men seat with friends to discuss their wives and their chastity and boast of seeing the first blood of the marriage, I even heard that there is cultures in the (then) Nigeria where the families of the woman will spread a white clothe to confirm their daughter’s v1rginity and wait with trepidation to hear good news from the man after the first s3x.

Unfortunately those are over, Let me blame (us) the men first for our uncontrollable lust, foolishness has become so rampant in our society, some of us cannot take away our eyes from the backside of a woman where they discharge number two, we look at the bosom, we look at the hips and sometimes driving we forget that the traffic light has turned green and we keep looking.

There are even men who though married will still hunt for young girls who are young enough to be their daughters and will go into unprintable foolishness because the control of such men is in their zip and not on their brains.
There are fathers who would kill a young man for visiting his daughter, yet he will go to places where his kids will not see him to mess up with ladies as young as his own daughter.

I have been too worried for ladies who after messing up their youthful age will become desperate to marry at 30 and also, concerned for innocent men who end up in the hands of professional prostitutes who just changed their address, so many have damaged their wombs with several abortions, some have lived so carelessly in the Universities or even out there and they are now willing to settle in the arms of a ready to marry careless man.

This is however, not to say that some ladies are not married (Not Because) they messed up but because they are not at the right Location to meet their spouse, I imagine a woman who is supposed to be in Nigeria to met her husband, sitting in UK or the one who is meant to be in Asaba, to meet the right man and she is in Abuja waiting to hook up a senator until her time is past marriage.

Now for women, ahhh! how cheap they have suddenly become that you can have two girls for five naira. (two for five naira) imagine the drive in women these days is no longer about reputation, it is Food, Money and S3x, I have never found a woman who is discipline with food, they eat like chickens and are ready for any other thing you throw at them after the food.

The Mr. Biggs of this world, the Tantalizers of these worlds, the Chicken republic of this world and all such names are business set as answer to tickle a woman into immoral “yesmanship” the moment you satisfy her by flaunting some vanities, she is willing to go all the way. They are easily lured with all these even if you rented a car for this exercise,
When a woman ask what do you do for a living, she is only trying to find out psychologically if she will be secured, and that is after you have flaunted the pomp and pageantry of papal Rome in the name of avarice, she does not care what happens after the marriage, she is too eager to get in for the excitement of temporal gain. That is why so many are in deep poo after wedding

So we have “Meat Pie girls, Suya girls, Chicken and Chips girls name it, they fall for anything in the name of temporal comfort,

A friend once told me that this fear of getting a wrong girl made him to pretend to be poor although he worked as a boss in a Telecoms company and is comfortable, he rented an apartment in a project and search for a wife until he luckily met a True Christian, he did not take her to be one, so they continued for years in the project, my friend had completed his house and finished it but he kept that away from the woman, after the marriage, the lady hoping to go to his house in the project, they just drove straight in a ready car, thought to be borrowed into his new apartment, the Lady was shocked that she wept like a baby on discovering the wealth kept away from her. That is a classic example but it does not happen anymore.

Women have made themselves so cheap that you can see it in what they wear; they thought unclothedness is impressive, only foolish men will admire your b0som in public, I am not against being Trendy and modern but this modern Unclothedness that expose the bosom of a woman and her pants from the backside is disgusting, the annoying thing is the fact that this desperation is a foolish way of catching a man

Truth is only foolish men are caught by your Unclothedness; Ladies do not know that, they cannot marry a real man by flaunting their Unclad parts to impress him.
Sometimes, I ask if ladies who visit club houses and red light districts wants to marry too. It is a great wickedness to mess up oneself with men who are not willing to marry you and afterwards deceiving a man who do not know you wired lifestyle.
Some barrenness are caused by this wickedness’

It is so shocking that even Married women expose their unclothedness, some wear skirts that is afraid of touching their knees, they pass it on to their children and now the generation of children has learned it the wrong way and they have gone the extra mile, You cannot walk freely on Yaba or Oshodi or Ojota and not see disgusting pictures of Unclothedness. Some these ladies have been dis-flowered many times that you do not need to worry about seeing any blood when you marry them, some will even lie, that they lost their virginity when they played football with some guys, they say things like “I just saw that I was dripping blood and I had to leave the playing ground”

Today, it was funny when I heard how ladies can pretend to be tight by using “alum” solution to clean their private body to deceive undiscerning men
I pity the men who never met their wives as a virg1n, The thing she did before you met her, she can do it again, and for men who are beating their chest that they met their wives as v1rgin, your case is worse if you do not satisfy her s3xually, she will seek solution outside your home.
Have you heard of s3x in the office?
Have you heard of s3x before job?
You must have heard of several infidelity, the news are many, how do you feel if you marry a woman who was promiscuous before you met her, and after marriage her rudeness is suggestive of her insatiable appetite

What about the woman who has learned to be Unclad, showing all part of her private bodies and yet she is not married? How do you expect to tame her when you eventually marry her?
Please tell me, if the guys who dis-flowered your wife were present on the day of your marriage and they are laughing you to scorn for not knowing how bad your wife has lived?
How will you feel, if she still keeps contacts with them? Don’t forget, you did not meet her a Virgin.

>Does it concern a woman that she married after she has been dis-flowered by another man, I am not talking about a molestation case that one is an exception, because it was a force by a fool
I hear some ladies say, , “ I am a V1rgin” Let me tell you who is not a v1rgin ,If a man has fumbled with your b0som at any time, you are not a v1rgin, If a man has caressed you to the point of discharge (you know what I meant) it is even better if you go all the way, the far you have gone has dis-v1rgin you, and let me say that is my own definition,
Some ladies say I don’t want to lose my v1rginity; I did not go all the way, the Far you went, has turned you into a s3x cannibal,

Are there v1rgin who are still proud about their v1rginity?
Are there decent ladies who are not given to the foolish trend of Unclothedness?
Are there men who still desire to meet a descent girl who is not greedy, avaricious and vain as we see all around?
Just before you go, don’t be offended at ever thing I said, I am just expressing the Lamentation of some men who are unwilling to marry because of the cheap worth of women these days, their greed, the promiscuity, their plastic lifestyle, their insatiable appetite, the unreal lifestyle, the Unclothedness called fashion, the pretense and all that you know.
Don’t think I am better to say some of these things, I wish I were not messed up in my own way too, sometime, it is best to say we are in it together.

hmmmmmmmmmm ;-)

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