Saturday, 28 February 2015

Meet The world’s largest family All living together in a 100-room house in India!!!

The world’s largest family all lives together in a 100-room house in India where the wives all sleep together in gigantic dormitories! On any given night, it can take 30 chickens, 132 pounds of potatoes, and 220 pounds of rice to feed this 181-member largest family in the world. The head of the household, Ziona Chana, is part of a religious sect that allows its members to have as many wives as they wish…and he is constantly searching for more!

At one point, he even married 10 women within the span of one year. Chana sleeps in his owndouble bed and rotates which wives get to share it with him on a nightly basis – typically, however, the youngest women sleep closer to his room while the older ones sleep further away.

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