Saturday, 28 February 2015

How To Get And Date Rich Girls

My short stint in the dating scene has not lacked in color. I have seen and experienced things people older than me have not. One of them is dating girls from relatively rich backgrounds. One was daughter of a senior ranking army man. This was more of a secret affair; she used to swear her dad would take my heart out with a spoon if he knew I was dating her. The other was daughter to a senior personality in the judiciary. This wasn’t much of a secret; it was open only I kept intentionally avoiding “her honor”. I am not a criminal but wouldn’t be spooked by a judge? And the finally the last one was also from government, (swear it is coincidental) her dad was a regional leader, what we used to call Provincial Commissioners. These girls were not from ordinary families, how did I do it?

Be yourself: I did not lie about my background or where I came from. imagesI was very open and proud of it. Be confident; do not allow your tail to retreat between your legs. Walk with your head held high and sweep her off her feet. Inferiority complex shouldn’t have room. If she truly likes you she won’t mind anything. If you dare lie about your background you will suffer trying to cover it up and still get caught. Once the truth is out that will be the end of your sham of a relationship.

Give her a reason to like you. Being funny is a big plus, unfortunately for me; I do not have a single funny gene in my body. I was very talkative and full of cheer, besides that I was always going on about the future and my dreams. I think what also made it work for me was the fact that I was full of life. I seemed to have a future ahead of me; I wasnt just “there”.

Little things make big impacts. You can’t buy her ridiculously big and expensive gifts, don’t stress over it. Write her poetry, when the depth of your pocket is worrying the only hope you have lies in being romantic. Rich girls are used to having men shower them with expensive gifts, break the norm and be the 15th Century Knight she dreams of. Write her poetry; sing to her, if your voice is as hoarse as mine dedicate music to her. Bake her cake on her birthdays, make her gifts. Be creative, bracelets, necklaces, birthday cards can all be made if you choose to be imaginative. Nothing says “I love you” more than a gift made from the heart.

The rest is simple; enjoy your relationship like any other. The one thing you should not do is accuse her of looking down on you because of her higher placing in society. That is the biggest insult you can throw at her. Don’t run away from love simply because of societal boundaries. Open your arms and enjoy your experience.

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