Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How Can I Get A Responsible Husband Now That I am 33?

Dear Readers
Im Sorry i can’t reveal my name right now, Let me just go straight to the point.. I have lived a very unholy life as a runs girl at my early 20s till now but unfortunately for me i never knew am destroying my own future, my mates and friends has been married for like 6-7 years now but no man has ever knocked on my parents door to ask my hand in marriage. Lately i thought maybe somebody is trying to tire me down but i found out that my evil deeds in the past have caught up with me, my advice for the young ladies out there who flirts around with people’s husband in the name of “Shuga Daddy” is stay away because God is watching you.. Please guys help me out, am a changed person now and its for good, i want to settle down and have my own happy family. I don’t want to be a home wrecker anymore… My problem now is to get a husband of my own and stay happy, how can i achieve that?

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