Thursday, 26 February 2015

7 Reasons Why True Love is Hard to Find

True love is so hard to find is what many singers have crooned over and many million people sulk about. So, why is this true love so elusive and tough to find? There must be reasons why millions across the world think so. Here is a list of popular reasons.

1. Being unconditional is a trait that not many possess
While it is easy to fall in love with someone, it is not as easy to like someone over yourself. Giving in to their desires and needs and putting your requirements second place takes a lot of pristine love. Being unconditional is not a trait that comes easy and true love is synonymous with being unconditional.

2. Because expectations of the self are higher
When you seek the company and love of another person to fulfill your own inadequacies of want, pleasure, comfort and solace; it ceases to be love. One that offers these to the other is the lucky find and seldom do both the partners get to be like that.

3. Because love is not merely physical attraction
Physical attraction is an important component of love but cannot be the only determining factor. However, some people find it difficult to look beyond that and that is when true love walks out of the window.

4. Because tolerance is hard to find
People are often quoted saying that two people can be in love only when they share mutual interests. This is a total myth. You can have diverse interests but you need to respect and tolerate what your partner likes. Tolerance and love for the other despite varying interests is true love.

5. Because you need to love yourself before loving another
Many times, you may find it difficult to let go and explore love for yourself. Very often, women who have once experienced a tragic love life find it difficult to experiment for fear of disappointment and heartbreak yet again. This feeling can also inhibit the search of true love. Unless you learn to love yourself, true love will elude you.

6. Because there are too many distractions
Often, straying and infidelity are two perils of finding true love. Some men and also some women find it tough to stay loyal to the person they are in love with. Distractions are multiple today than they have ever been.
7. Because you don’t follow the same rules
Often, we expect others to be good and do good to us. But many of us do not practice what we preach. If you expect your partner to love you unconditionally, then show it back to him how you do it right. He will get a cue and treat you in the way you’d like to be treated. And if he doesn’t, then the choice is yours to make.

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