Thursday, 26 February 2015

6 Dating Mistakes Single Moms Should Avoid !!

1.Detour to Mr. Right
Dating isn’t easy. Period. As a matchmaker, I know firsthand that the dating scene can be even tougher on single moms. Right now, there are more single mothers in the United States than there have ever been in history. Six out of 10 of women giving birth in their early 20s are single. Many older women are divorced or they also find themselves looking for love as they juggle the responsibilities of being the primary caretaker of a child. Here are some of the pitfalls I recommend single moms avoid on their quest to find Mr. Right/Mr. Perfect Stepdad.

2.Stop worrying about your ex’s love life.
As long as he’s not introducing your child to the people he is dating without talking to you first, his love life is (thankfully!) no longer any of your business. Your child is all that matters. His new woman? Not so much.

3.Be flexible.
Your situation isn’t always perfect; but no one’s life ever is. Sometimes you have to cancel plans because your child comes first – that’s real – so be understanding when the men you date also have to make adjustments to their schedules.

4.Don’t expect him to overcompensate for your ex’s shortcomings.
Your ex may have been inattentive, distracted or perpetually broke, but that doesn’t mean the new man in your life will immediately put on a Superman cape and save you from all of those frustrations. (Let him be his own man.) That said, you shouldn’t put on that cape either. Keep being the good mother you are and don’t worry about overdoing it or expecting him to. Just got with the flow.

5.Don’t assess his parenting abilities on the first date.
Remember fun? It was this great thing you used to have when you went out on dates and things were still fresh and new. It’s still OK to have some, even though you’re a mother now. As long as your child is taken care of and you’re careful of who is and isn’t in their life, there’s no reason to turn a first date into an interrogation. Just go with the flow.

6.Don’t force it with the little ones.
just can’t control how they will or won’t feel when you’re dating again and you finally introduce them. You can’t take it personal if your child is disinterested in the new guy. Give your little one the space he or she needs to figure things out. Don’t force it.

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