Thursday, 26 February 2015

4 Tricks that Women Use To Make Men Marry Them

Sadly, 60 percent of married women used underhand methods to get rings on their fingers. Ever wondered why your woman will completely change sometimes after you get married. Well you might have fallen victim of her tricks. Here are some of the tricks women use that men should know.

1. Pregnancy
Some women will use pregnancy as an excuse to make a man marry them. She will get pregnant or pretend to be pregnant. If she pretends to be pregnant, they end up using unprotected s3x until she gets pregnant. This way, the man will man will end up marrying her because of the baby.

2. Threatening to leave you
When a woman realizes that the man is not making any move to propose to her, she will threaten to leave the man. Since no body like rejection, he will end up marrying the woman. Actually women don’t use this trick for marriage alone but to have other things they want from their men.

3. Praising other men
A woman will always praise other married men whenever you are together. This is intended at making you feel jealous. When a man feels jealous he fears loosing the woman and solution will be to marry her.

4. Pretending to be an Angel
Women are the best pretenders, Just like chameleon they change to suit the environment. She will be very social and friendly. She builds a strong relationship with your relatives and friends. She cleans your house and keep it tidy. After marriage officially, she changes completely and you lovely angel is no more. She turns to her true character. Always complaining about your relatives, not wanting you to hung out with your friends. Complains when your brother visits you. She starts to be gloomy all the time.

Note that you are not guaranteed a happy marriage if it is not based on TRUE LOVE

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