Thursday, 2 October 2014


Dear Peter, I still think of you. Dear Alan, I am sorry I used you. Dear Colin, I said horrible things about you, I am sorry. Dear S, thank you for the flowers, thank you for the laughter you brought me. Dear Peter, thank you for every single scar.  Dear S, I would give you my kidney. Dear Peter, I am sorry I damaged your cars. Dear S, I love you plain and simple, I like that we will never be ‘We’. Dear John, You are not my type. Dear Robert, you are short and light, I don’t do short. Dear Mwangi, Stop calling me.  Dear Lesley, I friend zoned you 5 minutes after we meet. Dear Jayden, It will never happen. Dear S, I will fondly tell my daughter about you.
Dear Victor, Thank you for letting me grow up with you, I wouldn’t be me the woman I am today if I didn’t share those years with you. Dear Peter, I hop

e she makes you happy. Dear Kevin, I will never forget how small you made me feel. Dear James, there is something not right about you, you give me the creeps. Dear Bobby, You never ask a woman for money. Dear Victor, I know you have your regrets but oh well, I hope she was worth it, I hope they all were. Dear Tony, you are the type of boy I swore to never date. Dear Benjie, see, I told you, we make better friends, you are my family. Dear S, We are kindred souls, we will battle this to the end. Dear Martin, NO. Dear Peter, didn’t we almost have it all. Dear John, you were too late. Dear Henry, you need to come out of the closet. Dear Paul, I am sorry about walking out of the date, I am sorry I never called you. Dear S, you made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter, you are the best thing that’s ever been mine. Dear Peter, I have you in permanent ink. Dear Ben, until you stared at her smiling, I was yours to have. Dear Mugo, only if I were stupid. Dear Waweru, Call me.
Dear Mike, is your brother single? Dear Morris, you were my biggest mistake. Dear Peter, I will take it to the grave. Dear S, I would do it again. Dear Edward, it was one date, one. Dear Gicheru, I know your wife. Dear Nick, you lie too much, stop. Dear Sam, you need Jesus. Dear S, I’d have swallowed that bullet. Dear Peter, tear drops in my eyes remind me of you. Dear Victor, my Sundays afternoons have never been the same. Dear Patrick, I was young, sorry I stalked you. Dear Jack, You smell wrong, I think your blood smells, see a doctor. Dear Michael, I will have you fired. Dear Chris, my ex is your nephew, leave me alone. Dear S, all my love poems are about you. Dear Peter, I finally stopped wanting you. Dear Victor, the three of them combined were not half the woman I was, how a man settles for catfish after he has tasted caviar baffles me. Dear Sam, quit that bad habit before it kills you. Dear Peter, if I could turn back time. Dear Victor, I forgave you, I hope can forgive yourself. Dear Steve, I was drunk, I thought you were too.
Dear S, I pray for you each day. I keep your letters in a box. Dear S, I will always love you, you are all there ever was. I still think of you, dear S.

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